Waldo Arms offers transport vehicles for visitors, including two buses for polar bear tours and airport transportation; and also rents tour buses for a safe wildlife experience.

Local Transportation

Waldo Arms features transport vehicles for its visitors.

  • Two buses are available for polar bear viewing tours and to ensure safe and easy movement to and from the airport.
  • Transport to and from the airport is included in your stay, as we want to be sure you get where you need to go safely and quickly.

Getting Here

The village of Kaktovic is off the road system, meaning the only way of getting there is by small aircraft. Every day, anywhere from one to three flights arrive in Kaktovik to transport supplies, so visitors can easily book a seat on these planes.

Once there, you will be met by our transport van and taken directly to our hotel. Our hotel building also houses the local airline office, so if you have any questions about your flights, the answers are just down the hall. To book a flight, please contact the airline.

Wright Air Services

Staying in Fairbanks

You will want to arrive in Fairbanks the day before you fly to Barter Island as flights depart early the following morning. There are many hotels in the area and most have airport shuttles.

La Quita Inn & Suites – three minutes from the airport with breakfast included starting at 6am. Call  (907) 328-6300.

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge – Spacious rooms and a 24 hour shuttle upon demand. Call (877) 774-2400.

Hampton Inn & Suites – Moments from the downtown business district, the Chena River and Fairbanks International Airport. Call (907) 451-1502.

See the Aurora

If the forecast for the evening sky is clear, check with the hotel on the northern lights forecast and best viewing areas.

For more information on what to do in Fairbanks visit:

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